Logic Test Socket

Logic Test Socket | ISC - Total Test Solution Provider (Elastomer Socket / Test Socket / RF Socket / SLT socket / Burn-In Socket / QFN Socket)


▷ With its capability of developing and manufacturing the highly customized semiconductor test socket,

     ISC CO., LTD. offers the total test solution by way of technical innovation.

▷ All semiconductor products are subject to post-process verification for defect check.

    Here, a semiconductor test socket works to serve as a core inspection part electrically linking the testing instrument and the semiconductor chips.


▷ Applicable Pitches

  • 0.3P, 0.4P, 0.5P, 0.65P, 0.8P, 1.0P, 1.27P, etc

▷ Applicable Packages

  • BGA, MLF, QFN, QFP, CSP, etc…

▷ Product Device

  • AP, CPU, GPU, PMIC, RF, TOUCH SENSOR, Mixed Signal, etc…


It is ISC's objective to work and develop together with cusotmers for the eventual cusotmer impresstion.

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