Employee Welfare System

Members of ISC should aim for their future and objectives for the best.

  • Legal Welfare
Category Description
Four Major Insurances Nat'l Pension, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Workers' Compensation
Health Screening Annual health screening (every October)
Vacation Annual leave, Pre-natal / Post-natal leaves, Menstrual leave, Maternity leave
Retirement Pension Defined Benefit (D.B), Defined Contribution (D.C)

  • Corporate-level Welfare
Category Description
Training & Education Introductory education, OJT, e-learning, language
Workable Environment Dormitory, commuter bus, cafeteria, security facility
Work Support Prize, fuel expenses, workshop, gathering
Happy Life Leisure facility, funding for education expenses, loan-to-employee, corporate events, gift upon family event / holidays, clubs & societies, GWP


It is ISC's objective to work and develop together with cusotmers for the eventual cusotmer impresstion.

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