HR Policy

Members of ISC should aim for their future and objectives for the best.

ISC runs its own talent recuitment system. By way of its own talent recuitment system, ISC is in search of the highly talented personnel with working-level capacity that best fits the corporate culture.

1. Submission of application
  • prepare and submit the application as stated in the Recruitment Notification on the Website.

2. Document Screening
  • Candidates' overall capacities and talents will be examined via document screening.

3. Primary Interview(Working-level)
  • ISC's professional interviewer evaluates the candidates's overall working-level capacity and commitment to corporate environment.

4. Final Interview(Officer)
  • ISC's officers evaluates for candidates personalities, values, attitudes, capacities, etc. for final evaluation.

5. Physical Examination
  • Screens out critical physical conditions that hinder service.

6. Acceptance
  • Those qualified are to be accepted for service in ISC.
  • Rank System and Promotion Sequence (for University Graduate)
사원 - 주임 - 대리 - 과장 - 차장 - 부장 - 임원

  • Selected (Special) Promotion (Wildcard System)
Those specially selected by the HR committee, for corporate competitiveness and individual compensation, are to be promoted regardless of the promotion criteria (every October)
  • Annual Salary System, Incentive System, Prize System
    • Annual Salary System - Highest level of salary in the industry
    • Incentive System - To incentivize the personnel with higher performance and capacity. May vary by the degree of contribution
    • Prize System - To award prizes regardless of salary upon performance

"연봉제 - 개인연봉 / Incentive - Total Compensation" 이미지 INPUT
이미지 Input > 인사평가 - 역략평가 및 성과평가 - 승진포상연봉 / 성과급

  • Valuation factors in both competency valuation and performance valuation
    • Features the objective, fair valuation for encouragement, talent promotion and the eventual corporate-level output
    • Valuation criteria vary by occupational category
Category Competency valuation
(Common, Working-level, Leadership, Capacity)
Performance valuation (BSC,MBO)
Criterion Core competency of individuals Rate of track records attained
to the annual performance goal
Application To promotion, prize and salary To incentive
Cycle Semi-annual (July, December) Quarterly (April, July, October, December)
Competency valuation + Performance valuation = Overall valuation

  • Valuation standard
이미지 Input

이미지 Input


It is ISC's objective to work and develop together with cusotmers for the eventual cusotmer impresstion.

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